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Date: Mon, 19 Jun 2000 23:52:34 -0700

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On 6/18/00, Jan Coetzee asked:

Terry, how do you explain the observation that old men can have
perfectly normal children with young women.

in response to my note that 
" Although DNA repair enzymes are
constantly at work removing this damage, they cannot keep pace. E.g.,
persons >70 years of age may have more than 100,000 oxidative lesions

Reply to Jan:

Actually, we don't know that babies born of older fathers are "perfectly 
normal."  It is actually well known that just as children born of older mothers 
have a greater chance of being born with  genetic defects (Down's Syndrome being
perhaps the most common), so, too, do babies born of older fathers have a 
higher incidence of genetic diseases.  I stick to my original position.  It 
makes sense to consider cryopreserving a sample of tissue today for possible use
in the future.
Terry Grossman MD


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