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Date: Tue, 20 Jun 2000 11:00:52 -0400
From: "J. Hughes" <>
Subject: World Conference on Assisted Dying 9/1-3, Boston

If we can legalize assisted suicide, we can get make it easier to frozen
before a formal declaration of death, or at least in the most opportune
manner possible. - J.

The World Conference on Assisted Dying will be held at the Boston Park
Plaza September 1-3.

This Conference, hosted by the Hemlock Foundation for the World Federation
of Right to Die Societies, will showcase the five jurisdictions where
assisted dying has become a reality: Australia, The Netherlands,
Switzerland, Oregon, and Colombia.

Speakers will include the Chief Justice of the Colombia Supreme Court; the
head of Oregon Hospice Association; Dr. Philip Nitschke -- the first
physician in the world to help a patient die legally -- and many others.

Other issues will also be covered: Dr. Charles McKhann from Yale will
discuss Assisted Dying for the Elderly; Kathryn Tucker, Alan Meisel and
Charles Baron will examine current developments in the legal arena; James
Werth and Andrew Solomon will explore the relationship between depression
and the requests for a hastened death; James Hoefler will discuss refusal
of food and fluids; the Double Effect will be explored -- and much more.

In addition to scholars from the legal, medical and ethics fields, family
members will speak, including Melody Youk who will give an update on Jack
Kevorkian.  It was the death of her husband for which Dr. Kevorkian is
serving a 10-25 year sentence.  Betty Rollin, author of Last Wish, will
talk about helping her mother die.  Derek Humphry, author of Final Exit,
whose book about helping his wife die was the impetus for the start of the
Hemlock Society, will receive an award from the World Federation and will
discuss the future of the right-to-die movement.

The first-ever Right to Die Film Festival will be shown highlighting new
and old films in which the subject of the right to die is examined
including One True Thing, Grace Quigley, Right of Way, It's My Party, Last
Wish, Time to Say Goodbye and the premiere of a new documentary, Live and
Let Die.

The World Federation is a 20 year old organization of 34 right-to-die
organizations in 22 countries dedicated to choice and dignity at the end of
life.  The Hemlock Society is also 20 years old.  A party will be held to
celebrate both anniversaries.

For information visit www.hemlock.org or call 800-247-7421 or email at

Contact: Kristie Porter, Conference Coordinator or
Faye Girsh, President of The Hemlock Foundation
     The Hemlock Society USA & Hemlock Foundation
     PO Box 101810          Denver CO  80250-1810
                     Attend the
         September 1-3       Boston Park Plaza
For info: 800.247.7421 / www.hemlock.org / 

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