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From: "Brent Fox" <>
Subject: Re: "faster than light" and link with cryonics
Date: Thu, 22 Jun 2000 19:17:53 -0700

>Message #13988
>Date: Thu, 22 Jun 2000 01:37:38 EDT
>Subject: ligth "faster than ligth" and link with cryonics

>I don't run SETI at Home screen saver because if there was some
>ET civilization, it could not ignore that possibility. Tantalum 180
>can generate some wave packets able to encompass all the
>universe we see and beyond. If there is interstellar communications,
>they must use these gamma rays, not the incredibly slow radio.

There would be a lot of factors that would play into this.  One of the main
things is the society.  Would they *purposely* transmit into space with the
hope of making ET contact?  Let alone use this method. The majority of
society (on Earth) could care less about xmitting and searching.   Also, the
technological level of sophistication would be a factor on the method that
an ET would use for any type of transmission on their world.   There's just
too many communication technologies that an ET could use to simply dismiss
one of the simpliest forms (radio waves).

>Why write about that on cryonet?  I see a good reason:
>That subject can motivate many people and the technology
>has a large common trunk with the one exploited in a
>brain reader. Unfortunately, ET and interstellar
>communication are simpler to sell than uploading brains.

>Yvan Bozzonetti.

I agree, the topic has a place here.  Perhaps dealing with ET's, etc. is
easier than all the ethical delimas of uploading, and cryonics for that
matter.  It really gets deep and personal when dealing with those issues
(cryonics, death, etc.).


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