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Date: Fri, 23 Jun 2000 19:52:17 -0400 (EDT)
From: Ben Best <>
Subject: re: The Architects of Immortality

On Thu, 22 Jun 2000 Keith Rene Dugue wrote:

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> From: Keith Rene Dugue <>
> Subject: The Architects of Immortality
> Date: Thu, 22 Jun 2000 22:26:30 -0700
> I think that the Fourth Alcor Conference on  Life Extension Technologies 
> was a tremendous success.   The most spectacular of which was the research 
> presented by 21CM's  Brian Wowk and Greg Fahy. Further  Ice formation 
> inhibitor research has yielded  another ice blocker PGL which inhibits the 
> formation of ice due to nucleation sites. This new ice formation inhibitor 
> is a complement to X-1000. Greg Fahy also presented the latest 21CM 
> cryoprotectant which is a significant improvement over his previous work. 
> Greg is more optimistic than ever that Cryonics will succeed. Saul said it 
> best when he said "I and the other 21CM staff members are working 
> around-the-clock in the throes of what I consider to be the greatest and 
> most profound
> adventure of all time!"  I am looking forward to more juggernaut research 
> results that is so much a trademark of 21CM.

   I share your enthusiasm, Keith, but as I pointed-out to you at 
Asilomar, in addition to the breakthroughs at 21CM with ice blockers,
cryoprotectants, etc., some of the material discussed by Dr. Fahy was
based on research not done at 21CM and not financed by 21CM (aside from
donation of Dr. Fahy's time). The Hippocampal Slice Cryopreservation 
Project is conducted at a Southern California University. This year, much
of the burden of paying for this research has fallen on my shoulders. 

   An recent experiment (not discussed in Dr. Fahy's presentation) has 
shown viability for vitrified and rewarmed hippocampal slices to be as
good as for the 53% CPA non-vitrified group. 

    I invite all those who wish to further cryonics research by 
financial support to send a tax-deductable (in the US and California)
donation to:

       The Institute for Neural Cryobiology
       238 Davenport Rd #240
       Toronto, Ontario 
       M5R 1J6 CANADA

    I know that you have already offered to help, Keith, and your
support & enthusiasm is greatly appreciated! I hope that others
will join us. 

                                  -- Ben Best

            Ben Best ()
            ICQ -- http://www.mirabilis.com/20636141

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