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Date: Sat, 15 Jul 2000 10:06:25 -0700
From: Natasha Vita-More <>
Subject: FM-2030 Web sites 

Dear cryonicists and other life extension advocates,

FM's visionary ideas and activism will be remembered.  His pioneering
lectures from the 1960s through 2000 inspired, provoked, encouraged and
delighted many.

Much of his life which he held quite private has been presented to the
public.  Yes, he achieved many accolades throughout his life, and his
dignity and grace of character are qualities that many admire very much.
Yet, for FM, it is his relentless desire to see death overcome that kept
him pushing forward, tirelessly urging people to sign up for cryonics.

One of FM's most recent writings  _Countdown To Immortality_ (working
title) , will hopefully be published.  I did read this manuscript, and it
contains the exuberance and optimism that FM is famous for.

Although FM and I launched the http://www.Transhuman.org Web site some time
ago, I will be putting up another site in his honor:
http://www.FM-2030.com.  On this site, I hope to include the voluminous
articles about FM as well as his own writings as a repository for his work
that can be openly published.

I'd appreciate any suggestions or help that you all can offer.

Kind regards,

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