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Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2000 19:55:04 -0500
From: david pizer <>
Subject: Taking it with you AND helping cryonics

To everyone interested in trying to figure out how to have some money when
you are reanimated:

Below is a little discussion on (maybe) how to take your money with you and
still use it to help cryonics during the time you are in suspension.  I am
not an expert on this subject and I am not positive of the information
below.  I am working to verify that this will work as I think it will and
have put this information here for others to comment on.

I plan to use this method to make a charitable gift to the Society of
Venturism as the charity I am using.  However a contributor could use any
charity he/she felt would be able to pass a test of of their charitable
status by the IRS.  

Here is how I think it will work:

A person forms a charitable lead trust.  

In another trust or will, the person leaves certain assets to go into the
charitable lead trust upon their death.

They die and the assets go into the charitable lead trust.

The trust pays the named charity (in my case Venturism) a certain
percentage of the value of the trust (for now it is around 7%).

So if I leave, say, $10,000,000 to the trust for the benefit of the
Venturists, and it generates 10% a year, the Venturists get 7% or $700,000
a year and the other 3% or $300,000 a year goes back into the trust
principal.  So in good times, the principal is growing.

Let's say the assets in the trust are real estate that pays 10% of its
original in rental income.  (Its value will appreciate and so will the
amount of rent it will generate).

In addition to the left over income (any amount over 7%) that goes back
into the principal (to buy more real estate), any appreciation of the
original real estate is going on over time.

At some time in the future when I am reanimated, I get the original real
estate back (and any other real estate that has become principal) at its
appreciated value and there is no tax to me on this gain.

So what has happened?

During the time I was in suspension, some real estate (it could have been
stock or other assets) was held in trust.  The income went to charity to
help cryonics, which is what I want.  When I was reanimated, I got the real
estate back.

In addition, since this is a charitable lead trust, there is no law of
perpetuities to come in and put an end to the trust.  Charitable trusts are
supposed to be exempt from laws against perpetuties.

I also think you may be able to fund the charitable lead trust with life
insurance but I am not sure?????

If you know of anything that will work for or against this idea, please
post it.

I am working with an attorney in Phoenix who I feel is very honest and cost
effective.  If anyone is interested, I will give you his name and number.
Or, if you have questions that you think will be helpful in this planning
stage, let me have them and I will ask him and get back to you.  I will be
glad to share information with other cryonicists who have interests in this

Dave Pizer

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