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Date: Tue, 18 Jul 2000 13:55:52 EDT
Subject: Welcome Ruthanna

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 I'm finally delurking, partially to correct a misconception, but mostly
 because it seems silly to lurk around people who I hope will be the
 familiar faces at the beginning of my second lifetime.
 My name is Ruthanna Gordon.  I'm a graduate researcher in Cognitive
 Psychology.  I study memory--not the neurological underpinnings (although
 I do know something about those)--but the basic patterns of what actually
 gets remembered, forgotten, and reconstructed in the course of normal
 thinking.  >>

This is Rudi Hoffman writing from Daytona, FL.
Welcome Ruthanna.

Thank you for your articulate and enlightening posting earlier, only 
partially reprinted above.

Cryonics is indeed a rational and reasonable gamble, in the opinion of many 
reading this.  This is about .000000016% of the population of the planet.  
But a SIGNIFICANT minority, we'd like to think!

While my personal orientation is that of a post-enlightenment ultra-rational 
skeptic agnostic, (it may be religion, not money is the root of all evil:)) I 
was interested in your explanation of Wicca.  I like especially the 
anti-authoritarian flavor picked up in your depiction of Wiccans.  I imagine 
one could meet some interesting (and delightfully weird) folks at the 
conferences you attend.

Good luck on your Phd and book.  We look forward to your continued if 
occasional participation and postings.


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