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Date: Tue, 18 Jul 2000 13:09:43 -0400
From: James Swayze <>
Subject: Woman loses identity--some questions regarding real estate
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> Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2000 16:53:39 -0500
> From: david pizer <>
> Subject: What do we save?
> We want to know what we are, so we know what to try to save.
> Robert Ettinger has said:
> >My own tentative view is that there is a (yet unidentified)
> >anatomical/physiological subsystem in the brain, time-binding and
> >space-binding, which I call the "self circuit," that creates or permits
> >feelings, and it is only this that makes us alive at all in the human sense.
> >(It might be based on some kind of modulated standing wave.) This is the
> >essence of the "knower."
> I think I agree with him but state it a little different.  I think the
> knower might be a piece of the brain I call the self-awareness-continuer.
> This part of the brain senses awareness of being alive and processes the
> information contained in other parts of the brain (internal thinking - or
> talking to yourself) and information that arrives through the senses like
> seeing and hearing.
> For some reason, I can't explain why, if someone were to completely
> dissassemble your self-awareness-continuer and then reassemble it even with
> the same atoms, I don't know if you survived.  That is the reason for
> "continuer" in the name.  If you freeze the thing mostly intact and repair
> it, where is was slightly, partially damaged, it is probably still you.
> If this (or something like this is true), then to survive one has to save
> this specific piece of brain and one's information in the rest of the brain.
> It may be the case that your information being "felt" in a different
> self-awareness-continuer would have the effect of someone else thinking
> they were you.
> Dave

I was surfing the channels one day to stave off some mild boredom and happened

across the Montel Williams show. The subject was a woman who had lost her 
Now we are not talking the proverbial amnesia of Hollywood fame. This woman
forgot WHO she was but much more as well. Here's what I remember of the story.
She got out of her husbands car to do an errand walked a few blocks and stole a
car and promptly wrecked the car. Somewhere in-between getting out of her

husbands car and stealing the other car she lost WHO she was. After the accident
she stumbles around and feels wetness dripping down her front. It was blood and
she didn't know what it was anymore! She had lost all memory of what being a
human being was! She saw someone coming to her aid but didn't know WHAT they
were! My boredom was definitely gone as I realized the implications for some of
the subjects discussed here.

Now the stupid part. Not on her part mind you but for those she encountered. The

person who came to her aid was a female trucker. Instead of getting her 

emergency help she takes her a ways down the road. Not to disparage the gender 
the trucker but perhaps there was some common bond of sisterhood or feeling a
sister was in trouble that over rode common sense. Unable to deal with the
woman's loss of memory she later hands her off to other truckers, if I'm

remembering the story correctly, that take her further away from the incident 

her family. Now I'm unsure of the details here out but she ends up developing an
alternate identity from her experiences while with her new trucker family.
Someone decided to give her a name at some point. Finally someone else down the
line puts two and two together and she finally ends up with the proper care and
back with her family. She has no idea who they are. She is a blank slate.

Furthermore she is more comfortable with her new identity. Perhaps the 

is available for that show but I don't know the title or number of the 
episode. I only happened upon it in progress. At some point this womans

"knower/continuer" simply took a hike and for no apparent reason that I am aware
of, though I get the feeling there must be more to the story. Any thoughts?
Anyone else hear of this?

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> Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2000 19:55:04 -0500
> From: david pizer <>
> Subject: Taking it with you AND helping cryonics
> To everyone interested in trying to figure out how to have some money when
> you are reanimated:


> Let's say the assets in the trust are real estate that pays 10% of its
> original in rental income.  (Its value will appreciate and so will the
> amount of rent it will generate).


> If you know of anything that will work for or against this idea, please
> post it.

I can only think of a few in relation to it being real estate. Who decides which
properties are worthy of adding to the principle? Not all property is a good
investment. Some may require too much work. Funds for fixing up a poor property
can easily be diverted to greedy pockets. I have personal experience. Who
collects the rent, maintains the property, evicts the deadbeats, deals with the
cops when some jerk uses one of your properties for illegal purpose and so THE

MAN tries to use the Ricco Act to take away your property? Sorry I don't mean to
be pessimistic but in my own experience real estate takes too much personal

Some of our views are spacious
some are merely space--RUSH

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