X-Message-Number: 14118
Date: Tue, 18 Jul 2000 20:09:38 -0400
From: Thomas Donaldson <>
Subject: about Wicca and insurance

To Ruthanna Gordon:

You've given a good and interesting summary of the current state of Wicca.
Those who have written on the history of religion would say that Wicca
is an invention of the 20th Century, with few resemblances to the older
version --- but that's OK. After all, we're going through lots of changes,
and have been through more, and it's quite unreal to suppose that a
religion viable in the 10th Century AD will much  resemble one viable
in the 20th.

The one thing your summary lacked was some references to books etc where
those interested could find out more. I ask this not because I'm personally
interested in such books, but because others on Cryonet might be.

As for my own religious lenings, I was raised as an Episcopalian (one
branch of Christianity) but have come to believe that religions are 
irrelevant, not just for cryonicists but generally. We cannot really
transfer responsibility for our actions to ANY other institution or
"person"; we have to take responsibility ourselves, and act as WE think
best. Not to do that is merely to fool oneself. Even if there is a God
or Goddess who claims to be in charge of the Universe, we still must
make our own decisions ... we just have a powerful being that makes
various (false) claims about how he or she will happily decide "for us".

And I hope that you sign up (with or without your husband or lover)
ASAP. At a minimum, get the insurance you'll need. The problem is that
even if you don't DIE in a few years, you could well find out that you
suffer from a disease which makes you uninsurable ... which will come
close to putting an end to your ideas about cryonics. I say this as
someone who suffered (and survived) a brain tumor, but took out lots
of life insurance before I ever knew I would have that problem. Yes,
I recovered, though it did cause damage to my thinking (mostly my
physical coordination). There are lots of people aged in their 20's
or 30's who find out they have conditions which make them hard or
impossible to insure.

		Best wishes and long long life to all,

			Thomas Donaldson

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