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Date: Thu, 20 Jul 2000 16:46:49 -0500
From: david pizer <>
Subject: Re: CryoNet #14119 - #14125

A few comments on real estate

>From: Jan Coetzee <>
>Subject: Property
>References: <>

>I don't think property is a good investment. It is like a car. You have
>spend money on it every year. I think it is the tax angle that makes it
>worth it. You can deduct most expenses.

The good thing about property (real estate - land with buildings) is that
it can't dissappear where you can't find it when you come back.  In
addition, every municipality has a record of all the property within and
keeps it current.  Documents are filed against real estate and then
recorded forever by the government.

So......... If you put a piece of property in a trust for yourself for when
you come back, and you record (at the County) the document, you have
created two safeguards:  One, no one can steal the land and hide it, Two,
no one can (easily) remove the recorded instructions on the land.  And you
can hide copies of the documents or put them in safe places.

You want the income from the real estate going to your favorite charity
(but I would suggest not the one that has your frozen body) so that charity
will keep the real estate in good shape and not let anyone get adverse
possession (when someone uses your land for a long time and you don't
object and then they get title to it) of the land.

The Society of Venturism wants to offer "forever" storage of important
things for frozen people.  When we complete our facility we will have
storage boxes you can rent for 500 years to store records or whatever.

The Society will also offer to be trustee of long term trusts for frozen
people.  By using certain types of trusts with a charity like the Society
for Venturism you will not fall under adverse laws against perpetuity.


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