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From: "Yvan Bozzonetti" <>
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Subject: looking back to 21st century II
Date: Mon, 24 Jul 2000 22:53:52 +0200

I'll try here to look at the comming plane. The last anouncement is about
the A3XX
from EADS-Airbus. The answer from Boein will be an advanced B474. The A3XX-
B747 era must goes up to 2030 at least. Beyond that, larger planes will be
in order.
Airport tarmack may not be able to sustain far more larger vehicles, so
after 3 decks
and two bodies derivatives of present day jumbo, the game may be over. The
next step
at the 2050 horizon could be a return to water landing. The best evolution
vould then
be the ecranoplane, or low flying plane using the ground effect as the old
The ecranoplane could carry up to 5000t at 700mph and 100 m above sea level.
It would take the place of large planes and cargo ships with the possibility
to cruise
above sea or desert areas. Lakes could be used as sea harbors. Countries
sea border would be very interested. Ecranoplane "highways" on the ground
get strategic value.

Look at countries with potential wealth and transport problems today to see
to invest in the long term.

Well, there may be too supersonic transports or suborbital one, but neither
have as much economical impact as the big ecranoplanes.

Yvan Bozzonetti.

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