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Subject: Re: Looking back at the 21st century
Date: Tue, 25 Jul 2000 22:24:12 PDT

Yvan Bozzonetti wrote:
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>Subject: Looking back at 21st century
>Balloons are the second winner.GPS-like systems alows rather simple
>robotic flight and weather satellites free them from meteorological 
>They could move house units from place to place and bring to them essential
>products such fuel for fuel cells and water. With that system, even very
>remote location could be attractive. Before the car, the choice was between
>a bad life in the country or a not as bad life in the town. Now the choice
>extends to the suburb, in fifty years it will include all the planet. What
>about real estate in the Sahara or the Atacama ? Buying in the Australian
>outback could be a good bet.
>The real value of that exercise is here: To guess where will be to market
>tomorow. Modern balloons have a very big economical potential because
>they open the full planet surface to housing.

Buckminster Fuller calculated that if you build one of his geodesic spheres 
large enough, the mass of the sphere would become negligible compared with 
the mass of the air inside, so that the sphere would act as a balloon.  He 
called such structures "Cloud Nines," and thought that they could serve as 
platforms for floating cities.  Refer to:


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