X-Message-Number: 14180
Date: Wed, 26 Jul 2000 11:08:24 -0600
From: Linda Chamberlain <>
Subject: Special Announcement

26 July, 2000

Special Announcement

BioTransport is Developing an Extraordinary 
New Program for Viable Cell Cryogenic Storage.

This service will be made available exclusively to fully signed up 
Alcor Members at a substantial discount, prior to advertising to 
the public. More information regarding pricing and procedures 
will be available to Alcor Members by early September.

The cells (human or animal) stored will be fully viable, able to grow 
in culture (make copies of themselves), both before and after 
cryogenic storage. This means that they should be suitable for 
therapeutic cloning in humans (growing organs), reproductive 
cloning of pets, diagnostic purposes such as genetic analysis, 
gene therapy applications and reanimation tissue engineering.

After making this service available to Alcor Members, 
BioTransport will "open its doors" to the public. Service fees 
and quality levels will be highly competitive. BioTransport 
will also engage in a number of public service related programs 
funded by donations to Alcor, broadening its market and 
producing widespread public recognition of BioTransport's 
role in the cryotransport rescue of Alcor Members. 
That, in turn, should accelerate Alcor's membership growth.

If you had been contemplating the storage of your cells for any 
of these purposes, we recommend that you not do so before 
seeing what BioTransport is about to offer. The higher reliability 
and quality BioTransport will provide, at very substantial discounts 
for Alcor Members, will more than make up for the short delay 
in your being able to take advantage of this service.

Remember!  If you received this flyer, you are already on the 
mailing list to receive more detailed information in September, 
about one month from now.  Please do not call Alcor or 
BioTransport for more information, at this point. 
We already receive a growing number of calls about this type 
service and the load is difficult to handle.   This message about 
what BioTransport will soon be offering you is the most up-to-date 
information that we can provide at this time.    

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