X-Message-Number: 14192
Date: Thu, 27 Jul 2000 20:30:07 -0700
From: Lee Corbin <>
Subject: Re: Real Survival Is Not Eternal Return

Mike Perry in post #14183 has seemed to say that repeated
experience is of no account.

Regarding someone (I called Tom) in a previous post, who
just parties and parties, and never really grows, yet who
claims to be immortal---well, firstly, you'd concede that
legally he'd be immortal.  But, more philosophically, I do
grant Tipler's point about the Bekenstein Bound (though I
know it's controversial on this list).  

Let me ask you a hypothetical question, assuming that a
person's body rushes through trillions of separate quantum
states each second.  Some neo-Nazis intend to duplicate a
particularly heinous act that took place at a definite
time in 1945, in which some small girl was tortured to
death.  By hypothesis, they have the technology to recreate
the exact same sequence of quantum states that took place
in the original horrible incident.  Only the time and the
location are different, as Ettinger and Clark would agree.
So, physically, somewhere in America today a set of atoms
identical to those in Europe so long ago undergoes precisely
the same sequence of events.  If I understand you correctly,
then you do not object since the precise re-enactment cannot
be said to be harming the little girl.  Is that so?


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