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To: Kevin Brown
20 Nov 89

Hello!  I've been reading, with great interest, of the controversy 
surrounding the seizure of files and hardware by the Riverside Coroner's
Office (in ref Dora Kent case).  [ This was in early 1988 - KQB ]

I would presume that the Riverside GPU and other interested parties READ 
the files, as would any good statist.  Additionally, as I understand it,
the seizure deprived Alcor of the use of the files.  

Has Alcor upgraded its SOP to include regular file backup, with remote
storage (very important!), and the practice of regular file encryption?

The following textfile is a transcription of a speech given by Chuck 
Hammill at the Nov '87 Future of Freedom Conference in Culver City, CA.
It's the most lucid, entertaining piece I've yet read on the subject.  
The speech was given to a libertarian audience, but applies well to anyone
who simply wants to go about his communication business unmolested... that,
I think, applies to cryonics advocates and practicioners.

I would be interested to hear Dr. Ralph Merkle's opinion of the message's
topicality and importance; Dr. Merkle is, in addition to other things, a
crypto researcher.  

I encourage the practice of routine cryptology, for the practice of samizdat
and records-keeping.  I solicit the opinions of anyone who would benefit 
from this technology.

Incidentally, the appended text is one file of thirteen on a DOS 5.25" 
diskette physically distributed at the FOFCON.  I have posted the program
files, and their documentation, on CompuServe, in ISSUESFORUM library #2,
"Political Issues".  CIS users take note.  Anyone else who wants copies,
drop me a note at 

                             Long Life and Liberty,
                             Russell E. Whitaker

[ The text, although not directly about cryonics, is quite interesting but
  also quite long (about 500 lines) so I did not include it in the mailblast
  to the cryonics mailing list.  If you want a copy, please email a request
  to either Russell Whitaker or me. - KQB ]

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