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From: "George Smith" <>
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Subject: Re: Identity -  A question on "Heartmath".
Date: Tue, 1 Aug 2000 10:21:07 -0700

Recently my physician recommended I read a book entitled "The Heartmath
Solution" (by Doc Childre and Howard Martin - ISBN 0-06-251606-X),
suggesting that it was a superior stress reduction method better by far than
other cognitive/emotive approaches I have taught.

The authors claim that the physical heart has an intelligence of its own in
addition to seperately producing a number of hormones formerly believed to
only come from the brain.  They mention quite a few scientific research
studies from which these conclusions were drawn.

Is anyone aware of this work?  It would seem to be rather important to this
ongoing identity/personality survival debate.  It would directly oppose the
popular belief that the mind is derived soley from the brain, by the way.
(For all I know the mind may be accessed (as a television broadcast is
accessed by a television set) and not generated by the brain (as the liver
generates bile) as the current evidence cannot rule out that alternative).

I have only been skimming this book thus far.  It took 67 pages for the
supporting evidence and claims to end and the guts of the technique to
finally be listed.  I so far do not care for the manner in which the authors
write (get to the point!) but even if a book is written with a crayon in Pig
Latin, the important issue is whether or not WHAT is written is true.

Please, no off the wall opinions.  I know it sounds nuts already.  That's a
given.  My question is if anyone is truly familiar with this work and its
purported supporting scientific evidence?

George Smith

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