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Date: Sat, 5 Aug 2000 17:39:54 EDT
Subject: Re: Identity Of Indiscernibles 

 From: "John Clark" <>

>Nonsense. The Schrodinger wave equation remains the most popular way of
>representing the quantum world and with good reason, it predicts the outcome
>of experiments just as well as any other system and it's much easier to work 

As I have said before in another message, Schrodinger's formalism is the
classical Jacobi formalism with the Planck's constant of action added. It
is very tricky and nearly nobody use it today!  Everybody exploit one of
the many variant of Hamilton representation. Sad that you should be so
disconnected of the practice in that domain, your interest for it could
produce some results.

>"Gravitation" is probably the best book ever written on gravity, but as it 
>primarily with General Relativity, Astrophysics, and Cosmology and not the
>foundation of quantum mechanics as we were discussing and as our
>understanding of the relation between gravity and quantum mechanics is
>far more tentative than it is with the other 3 forces of nature, your
>recommendation appears quite strange, inappropriate, and irrelevant.
>And one more thing Mr. Bozzonetti, It's going to take more than buzz words
>and name dropping to impress me.
>            John K Clark        

Gravitation contains a very good modern mathematical background in its
track one, that is why I suggested you would benefit from a look at it.
It seems you fear to find in it something able to destroy your faith. I am not
interested in psychology or pseudo-sciences. I have given you all the
informations you need for a true understanding of the subject. From here,
I can only let you with waving waves. I don't promote a church, I am not
paid for "broadcasting the truth", if the world as it is don't satisfy you, 
that is not a problem.  I have no point to try to convince you, so from here
I stop any answer on that subject, 

Yvan Bozzonetti.

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