X-Message-Number: 14255
From: "john grigg" <>
Subject: feeling grateful for Paul Wakfer
Date: Sun, 06 Aug 2000 10:44:00 GMT

I just want to say I deeply enjoyed reading Paul Wakfer's post.  He cleared 
up some misunderstandings in my mind about various organizations and who 
does what.  Also some fascinating and sometimes sad history was given about 
cryonics.  I think Paul can really say it like it is.

The recent breakthroughs must really be heartening to a man who has known so 
much disappointment.  But still, so much needs to be done for full 
vitrification to be perfected.

As I read his post I thought about how much we all owe to Saul Kent and Will 
Faloon.  Where would we be without them?  They took it upon themselves to 
research these technologies.  I just wish the projects Paul put forward had 
been better respected by the parties involved.

When Paul mentioned a relationship so happy it was like two fractals fitting 
together I felt touched.  I am so glad he has found such joy in his life due 
to another.  I wish them both the best as they go through life.


John Grigg
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