X-Message-Number: 14257
Date: Sun, 6 Aug 2000 11:20:05 EDT
Subject: Wakfer & Links

As the old saw goes, if you don't like the diagnosis, you can always retouch 
the X-rays. More generally, if you don't want to change bad habits, just 
pretend they are virtues.

Paul Wakfer has been bad-mouthing virtually all and sundry again, in public 
and semi-public, with vulgar language to boot. As usual, anywone who doesn't 
agree with him is either an idiot or a villain, or both. Naturally, his 
perennial tactlessness in his view is really a virtue, a refusal to "kiss 

Among other things, he has berated Alcor and CI for not providing members 
with adequate exposure to the fund-raising appeals of his own organizations 
or those he favors. Yet I might point out, among other things, that our web 
site has a link to the INC site,as well as to Alcor's site (and all the other 
cryonics-related sites), even though neither the INC nor the Alcor site links 
to CI's. 

We don't acknowledge anyone else's right to equal time or access to our 
publications, but we have always made sure that our members and readers are 
aware of the existence of other organizations and other viewpoints, and know 
how to find them.

We also publish our research findings, and will soon begin another new 
series, probably in time for the next issue of THE IMMORTALIST, which will 
also (per the decision of editor John Bull, with my concurrence) include 
Wakfer's latest fund appeal, as well as my comments on related 
matters--including some items not well known.

Robert Ettinger
Cryonics Institute
Immortalist Society

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