X-Message-Number: 14258
From: "John Clark" <>
Subject: Identity Of Indiscernibles
Date: Sun, 6 Aug 2000 16:31:27 -0400

In  #14250 Yvan Bozzonetti  Wrote:

    >Schrodinger's formalism is the classical Jacobi formalism with the
    >Planck's constant of action added. It is very tricky and nearly nobody
    >use it today!  Everybody exploit one of the many variant of Hamilton

It's certainly true that restating Schrodinger's equation using Hamilton's
principle of least action (kinetic energy minus potential energy) has proven

to be enormously useful, but It's done for our benefit not nature's because it's

still saying exactly the same thing, it's just saying it in a different 
Nature doesn't care what form our equations are in if they all produce the
same result. It's about as much concern to a electron as switching from
linear to spherical coordinates.

     >from here I stop any answer on that subject

Oh, I see. I was going to ask if you knew how on earth Hamiltonian theory or

any other formalism could possibly eliminate the wave-particle duality of 
I was also going to ask if you knew what magic could produce a Bose-Einstein
condensate if atoms actually have individuality. But no need to bother because
you just answered both questions with your silence.

        John K Clark      

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