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From: "john grigg" <>
Subject: coming together as a cryonics community...
Date: Mon, 07 Aug 2000 11:09:01 GMT

David Pizer wrote:
It is important to discuss these things here in this forum among ourselves 
first.  In a few years there is going to be a community where cryonicists 
will live together and work together in a mass public relations campaign to 
try to change the way the world thinks about death and life.  If we cannot 
convince others that survival is important and describe the self to them in 
a successful way, we may not be able to survive ourselves.  While we are in 
the planning stage of the new community (as we are now) and even when the 
early construction stage starts, we can be doing our preparation work in 
this forum.

David, please forgive me my current train of thought.  I would like to see a 
show like Survivor or MTV's The Reel World where a group of bickering old 
school cryonicists live together in your community and have their lives 
constantly videotaped! ;)  I bet even a world unaware of cryonics would find 
the conflict absolutely fascinating!  It could really shoot public awareness 
right through the roof in no time...

The contestants...

Saul Kent
Charles Platt
Mike Darwin
Paul Wakfer
Robert Ettinger
Fred Chamberlain
Don Laughlin
Joe Dees(extropian)
Mike Lorrey(his extropian archnemesis)
and anyone else I may have forgotten who would be good...

and also to spice things up...

Jerry Falwell
Hugh Hefner
Cheech Marin
Pauly Shore
Bob Denver(Gilligan)
Puck(worst behaving contestant ever from MTV's the Reel World)

and just two women..

Lucy Liu(actress)
Kathryn Aegis(transhumanist)

You would all be forced to live in the cryonics community resort for a full 
month of togetherness! lol

Or will we wind up with a little "neighborhood" in your resort for Alcor 
folks and a ghetto for CI people?  And the extropian hood farther on down?

I realize people will be very civil till we collectively attempt to actually 
accomplish something!  Or will the Venturists be the only one's really using 
the place as a base of operations?

Ok, I have the goofiness out of my system now! Sorry... :)  I do think
seriously that the cryonics/resort community is going to be one of the best 
things to ever happen to the cryonics movement.  I think(hope) it will 
create the ideal atmosphere for cryonicists and transhumanists off all 
stripes to come together to play, bond and work toward common goals.  I 
dearly hope so my friends.

This is the next best thing to actually creating a religion/cult to really 
bond people together and achieve common aims.  This may sound extreme but I 
do feel this way.  David Pizer is trying to perhaps heal a rift and bring us 
together with his noble project.

best wishes,

John Grigg

P.S. What will the people of the future make of us?  I hope they don't 
decide to keep some of us on ice for their own peace of mind!
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