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From: Eugene Leitl <>
Date: Mon, 7 Aug 2000 15:26:08 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: [cryonics-euro] Digital Angel

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Subject: [cryonics-euro] Digital Angel
Date: Mon, 07 Aug 2000 16:37:21 +0200

Good news for cryonicists: our 'death watch' is yet another step closer. 
Combined with the recent improvements in suspension techniques, this will 
make cryonics a lot more credible.

Digital Angel's Dr. Peter Zhou commented: "I'm particularly excited about 
Digital Angel's ability to save lives by remotely monitoring the medical 
conditions of at-risk patients and providing emergency rescue units with 
the person's exact location.



Applied Digital Solutions will unveil an operational prototype

PALM BEACH, FLORIDA Jul 31, 2000 Applied Digital Solutions, Inc.
(NASDAQ:ADSX) today announced that it will host a special,
invitationonly event in New York City this coming October to
demonstrate an operational prototype of its revolutionary "Digital
Angel" technology.  As previously announced, the prototype of the
device was to be ready by the end of this year. But Applied Digital's
Chairman and CEO, Richard J. Sullivan, said today that the development
of the technology had progressed well ahead of schedule.

In his comments announcing the October event, Richard Sullivan stated:
"We're extremely heartened by the remarkable progress made by
Dr. Peter Zhou and his entire research team, including professors and
their associates at Princeton University and the New Jersey Institute
of Technology. This technology relates directly to the exploding
wireless marketplace. We'll be demonstrating for the first time ever
that wireless telecommunications systems and biosensor devices capable
of measuring and transmitting critical body function data can be
successfully linked together with GPS technology and integrated with
the Internet. This is a gigantic leap forward, one that also links
directly to our Computer Telephony Internet Integration (CTII)
strategic focus. At its heart, Digital Angel involves integrating the
very same communications technologies into a working system. We'll
soon be ready to move ahead to the production-design phase of Digital
Angel geared to specific marketplace applications. The key message
right now is this: Digital Angel isn't a bluesky technology. This is
real. Digital Angel breakthrough technology is here. It's live!"

While estimates of Digital Angel's marketplace potential vary, there
is little doubt that the technology will enable Applied Digital and
its partners to tap into a multi-billion dollar market via various
licensing arrangements, Web-enabled wireless services and data
transactions handled by Applied Digital's ASP (Application Service
Provider) center.

Those attending the event in New York City will see a working,
multimedia demonstration of Digital Angel's technological building
blocks. A miniature sensor device smaller than a grain of rice and
equipped with a tiny antenna will capture and wirelessly transmit a
person's vital body-function data, such as body temperature or pulse,
to an Internet-integrated ground station. In addition, the antenna
will also receive information regarding the location of the individual
from the GPS satellite. Both sets of data medical information and
location will then be wirelessly transmitted to the ground station and
made available on Web-enabled desktop, laptop or wireless
devices. This demonstration represents the first time these
technologies have been united into one functioning system.

The New York City event at a time, date and location to be announced
later will feature live presentations from top Applied Digital
executives, including Richard Sullivan, Chairman and CEO; Dr. Keith
Bolton, Chief Technology Officer; and Dr. Peter Zhou, President and
Chief Scientist at Digital Angel.net Inc., Applied Digital's wholly
owned subsidiary that has been spearheading the drive to develop
Digital Angel. Those attending the event will be a hand-picked group
of potential joint venture partners, as well as seniorlevel players in
the e-commerce, wireless and Internet industries - Key stock analysts
and media representatives will also be invited.  Attendees will learn
about the history of Digital Angel and its technological
underpinnings, along with its many potential applications in the

Digital Angel's Dr. Peter Zhou commented: "I'm particularly excited
about Digital Angel's ability to save lives by remotely monitoring the
medical conditions of at-risk patients and providing emergency rescue
units with the person's exact location. I also see great potential for
Digital Angel in the area of 'location-aware' e-commerce. This is a
whole new wireless and Web-enabled frontier in which a purchaser's
actual location is integral to making a successful sale or providing a
valuable, locationcritical service."

Background on Digital Angel - In December of 1999, Applied Digital
Solutions announced that it had acquired the patent rights to a
miniature digital transceiverwhich it has named Digital Angel. In some
of its applications, the tiny device is expected to be bonded closely
to the body or implanted just under the skin. The Company believes
Digital Angel will be able to send and receive data and be located by
GPS (Global Positioning System) technology. In addition to monitoring
the location and medical condition of atrisk patients, the Company
believes Digital Angel could have other applications that will prove
to be extremely popular in the market-place. These applications
include locating lost or missing individuals or household pets;
tracking endangered wildlife; managing livestock and other
farm-related animals; pinpointing the location of valuable stolen
property; finding lost airline baggage and postal packages; managing
the commodity supply chain; preventing the unauthorized use of
firearms; and providing a tamperproof means of identification for
enhanced e-commerce security. For more information about Digital
Angel, visit www.digitalangel.net.


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