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Date: Tue, 8 Aug 2000 23:31:26 EDT
Subject: good luck, Kennita with Conference

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 Kennita wrote:
 Hi all --
 I have a slot on the program of the 2000 World Science Fiction
 Convention (ChiCon)!
      Sunday 2:30-3:45 Cryonics, Fiction vs. Fact, Kennita Watson
 I'm thinking of describing popular media images of cryonics
 (Sleeper, Demolition Man, and Dark Star come to mind) and 
 comparing and contrasting them with what is currently done for
 cryonic suspension and what we project may realistically be
 done to revive patients in the future, maybe with reference to
 The First Immortal.
Rudi Hoffman here, after a week engaged in real life so intensly that I have 
not checked my email.  Just finished reading full "identity" 
thread...fascinating personal anectdotes from Mike Darwin re: Tim Leary...and 
Paul Wakfer's characteristically feisty and articulate posting.  All of these 
are worth reading and pondering, and I truly wish I was a deep enough thinker 
to add something of value.

Alas, I am too grounded in the practical day to day 14 hour slog of getting 
people life insurance to fund their suspensions.   I truly respect all the 
posters and their work.  The theoretical and the practical are both 
appropriate in this forum, I believe.  

But here is my contribution to making cryonics a reality.

 I just counted our cryonics clients.

I currently am insuring 78 people who are signed up and have all their 
paperwork in.

Most of these in the last 36 months.  

The "Frosted Flake" files, as we fondly call those signed up for cryonics, 
are growing.

This movement is going to happen.  We are a vibrant, growing, and solid 
alternative for folks, and I am proud to be a part of this community.

I may be able to share my experiences going to Star Trek conventions, Kennita.

I thought this would be a great place for cryonicists.  But, alas, as other 
Alcorians have found before me, the majority of Sci-Fi buffs are not really 
"hard science" kind of people.

In fact, my wife Dawn and I created a new acronym you may find useful and 
relevant related to our Star Trek convention experiences.  We met lots of ...

F P I  s

Fantasy Prone Individuals. 

But I commend you on your speech, and hope you create great interest.  I have 
no doubt you will do an excellent job in your presentation, based on your 
articulate and well thought out postings.

Rudi Hoffman CFP

PS  By the way, we still do go to and enjoy Star Trek and other SF 
They ARE fun.  And you will no doubt net some great prospects.  I recommend 
drinking a lot of Klingon Blood wine before your speech. :)

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