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Date: Mon,  7 Aug 2000 06:33:32 -0700
From: "Tim Freeman" <>
Subject: Platt on Leary
References:  <>

Probably from Cryomsg 14222, we have:

> www.leary.com/LastTrip/index.html

and the relevant part of this URL is:

   A few months before he died, Leary discovered some internal company
   memos that seriously slandered him and exposed a plan to defame Leary
   and exploit the situation to the benefit of Cryocare and the detriment
   of Leary and his family. Outraged, Leary kicked them out of his house
   and cancelled all his contracts.

I don't think anybody yet mentioned Charles Platt's summary of the
event.  I found it on the web at
http://www.cryocare.org/ccrpt8.html#LEARY.  I had a go at trying to
match up the complaint at www.leary.com with what Charles said, and I
didn't find anything that made sense.

The complaint at www.leary.com is too vague to do much with.  It
doesn't give the text of the memos.  It doesn't say what kind of
exploitation was allegedly planned.  It doesn't give a plausible story
about how Cryocare or anybody else could benefit from defaming Leary.
Since they haven't said anything concrete, there is no way to rebut
it.  Classic propaganda.

Tim Freeman       

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