X-Message-Number: 14295
Date: Fri, 11 Aug 2000 16:20:36 EDT
Subject: State of the Art Question 2


My thanks to Paul Wakfer for his genererous and complete answer to my last 
question on the current state of research.  It is indeed strange that there 
is no more funding -- it needs only an improvement in our current 
capabilities to let us all live forever, and perhaps only ten million to let 
us accomplish that. Meanwhile, Bill Gates has 80 billion and could give ten 
million -- or ten billion -- and never notice the difference. Many others are 
in a similar position and yet nobody funds the research.  How odd -- do they 
think they'll live forever by rolling in greenbacks?

But on to my second questions:

1. I see that Alcor freezes heads for $28,000.  What are the other companies 
and how do they compare?  Is there a site that compares these companies 
objectively?  Which do the subscribers to this group think is best?

2. Are firms like Alcore using the 21CM vitrification agents yet? Whose 
preparation methods are best?

3. I would like to leave myself  a trust for use when and if I revive. 
Ideally, a trustee would buy the future equivalent of a stock-and-bond fund, 
conservative but not overcautious. Is this now legal in the US -- can a 
"corpse" (as the law might see it) have a trust?  Is it legal elsewhere? How 
does this work?

BTW, I am now 56 and healthy, and based on family longevity expect another 
thirty years.  There is nothing urgent about these questions, just prudence...

Thanks again for the previous answers,

Alan Mole

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