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Date: Sat, 12 Aug 2000 03:58:43 PST
Subject: You can take it with you ...
From: Edgar W Swank <>

"BlackShark" <> asked in cryomsg 14201

  Can we not give the cryonics organization that freezes us a
  sack of money to invest for us and give it back to us when they
  re-animate us?  Do the cryonics organizations have this sort of
  thing in place now?  If not, why not?  Wouldn't this be the
  best way to ensure financial stability when we come back?

You can "give" your sack of money to the American Cryonics
Society. You can either set up your own trust, or we will
establish a fund in your name. We invest our funds in
consultation with a professional financial planner, in a
conservative blend of stocks and bonds. Since we are a tax-exempt
organization, your fund's earnings are not taxed. They might be
taxed when they are returned to you, those tax laws haven't been
written yet.

You can use ACS as a repository for your excess funds even if you
are signed up with another cryonics organization to handle your
suspension. Other cryonics organizations, we believe, put your
money into a common patient care fund. So give them their minimum
funding and give the rest to ACS.

This is what I'm doing with the bulk of my estate. Of course, I'm
the President of ACS, so I'm prejudiced. And of course, ACS is
also handling my suspension.

Hey, I'm retired now. I like it. I sure don't want to have to
work again!

The only other place I'm aware of is the Kent/Faloon Reanimation
Foundation, which will keep your money in Lichtenstein. I have
some money there also. This is a good second basket for your

Edgar W. Swank   <>
President - American Cryonics Society

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