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Hi, Kevin... Here's the latest stuff on the Asilomar Conference. [msg #137]
A lot of swell people are going to be on the program, so we thought we'd
better see if we could get the word out through you!

Have considered putting the text from my Michigan presentation on
Lifepact on the net, but it's 15 pages long.  Wonder if that's too
much?  We'll beam it up if you'd like to have it!!!


[ Yes, please send to me the text of your (Oct. 6 - 8) Michigan conference
  presentation to me.  15 pages of text is too long for a mailblast to the
  entire mailing list but I would be happy to forward a copy of the text
  to anyone on the mailing list who wants it. - KQB ]


           Don't miss the most important event of 1990!
                     Mark your calendars now.
             Register early for a fantastic discount!

                       LIFEPACT CONFERENCE
                      BIOSTASIS AND REENTRY


                       August 24 - 26, 1990


                      The Father of Cryonics

         Fred Chamberlain              Jerry Leaf
         Linda Chamberlain             Dick Marsh, Ph.D.
         Thomas Donaldson, Ph.D.       Ralph Merkle, Ph.D.
         Mae Ettinger                  Mike Perry, Ph.D.
         Gregory Fahy, Ph.D.           Dave Pizer
         Keith Henson                  Jim Stevenson, Ph.D.
         Saul Kent

    Lifepact is holding a conference at Asilomar (near Monterey on
the coast of California) in August of 1990.  Asilomar is part of
the California State Park System, accommodating a wide range of
attendees (5 to 1000), furnishing complete meeting facilities,
lodging and meals in a setting which would be difficult to
duplicate in any other way.  Mensa has an annual meeting at
Asilomar which has become famous; this was part of our stimulous
to investigate it as a possibility.

    It's a fascinating place, at which the subjects of meetings
range from molecular dynamics to square dancing.  The seacoast is
accessible by walkways; giant dining halls are organized so those
from many conferences can be seated with their own groups; there
are meeting rooms of all sizes.  A swimming pool, huge bar-b-que
patio, and an impressive range of catering and other services are
available.  Asilomar is a superlative conference support system.


    The Lifepact Conference on Biostatis and Reentry will begin on
Friday evening, 8/24/90, and come to an end at Noon on Sunday,
8/26/90. The hours in between will be packed solidly with
activity.  If you want to vacation at Carmel and Monterey, why not
arrive a day or two before or stay a few days afterward?  There is
a fantastic aquarium by the sea in Monterey, and Carmel is a world
renowned resort packed with shops which could occupy you for a
full day.  Registrants will receive a large package of brochures
about these attractions.


Everything is included, two nights lodging plus six meals (dinner
Friday night through lunch on Sunday).  The banquet halls are a
multi-wing structure, parts of which have views of the Pacific
Ocean over a field of sand dunes.  All rooms allocated for this
conference are "deluxe", with private baths.

                        TENTATIVE PROGRAM

Check-In from 3 PM

Evening of Arrival (8:00 PM - 10:00 PM):

    Introduction to Biostasis and Reentry, after which a panel
    with representatives from all of the participating suspension
    organizations will answer questions.  Old timers who do not
    wish to join in this can meet informally in a gathering area
    of a smaller kind, which will be separately reserved.

Second Day:

    Morning Session (9:00 AM - Noon).  Suspension and Storage.
    Technical presentations and panel discussions on cryonics and
    intersections of cryonics with low temperature medicine and
    organ transplantation.

    Afternoon Session (1:30 PM - 5:00 PM).  Reentry procedures,
    both from a technological projection standpoint and from the
    aspect of pre-suspension preparations which could facilitate
    reanimation and rehabilitation.

    Evening Session (8:00 PM - 10:00 PM).  Political action,
    interorganizational cooperation and collaboration, media
    interaction, involvement of SF authors, and other "soft
    science" topics.

Departure Morning (9:00 AM - 11:00 AM):

    Exhibit and Vendor Activities.  Participating organizations
    are welcome to set up displays, sell literature and other
    products, and answer questions from those who have them.


There are presently a total of thirty seven rooms available.  If
we completely book these, maybe we can squeeze in more people, if
Asilomar is able to provide extra space.  Cancellations (if such
occur) will free up rooms.  Since each type room has a different
bedding arrangement, the choices are shown (see also the maps and
descriptions on the preceding pages for more details).

            No._of_Rooms       Description

                  8              Two double beds
                  9              One queen, one single bed
                 20              Two single beds

At double occupancy, this will accomodate 74 people.  If you want
a "single" room (see prices below), it will cost a bit more, but
we'll accept this kind of registration.  If you want to save some
dollars, up to four people per room are a possibility.  It will
be first come, first serve, as to the three types of rooms.  If
you know you are going to attend, it's not too early to send your
registration in, paying in advance to get what you want.


                  Before_1/1/90   Before_6/1/90    After_6/1/90

Single                 $225.00         $250.00         $300.00
Double Occupancy       $150.00         $175.00         $200.00
Triple Occupancy       $140.00         $150.00         $175.00
Quad Occupancy         $135.00         $140.00         $150.00

    [Reservations must be paid by the room.  For example, if
    three people want one room and send the registration jointly
    before 1/1/90, 3 x $140.00 = $420.00 should accompany the
    registration.  If two of the three are Lifepact Members, the
    amount would be (-$50) $370.00]


Cancellations of rooms may be made up to 6/1/90, with refunds of
full amounts paid less a $25.00 cancellation fee.  After 6/1/90,
refunds will be  subject to our contract commitments to Asilomar.
Total/partial refunds on cancellations after 6/1/90 will not be
made until conference accounting is completed, and that might
take several months.  Cancellation of a room cancels all of the
registrants for that room, so multi-person room cancellations
should be coordinated among the people concerned (if part of the
group still wishes to attend, it would be better to settle among
the room occupants and keep us advised as to who the attendees
will be).

Don't Forget the Fantastic Discounts offered to those who Register
before January First!  PLUS.... Lifepact members get an ADDITIONAL
$25.00 DISCOUNT!  So if you haven't joined Lifepact yet, do so
today!  It's like getting a year's free membership just for
attending the conference!

For registration assistance contact Linda or Fred Chamberlain at
(916) 542-1331 days or (916) 577-4746 evenings.  Send all
correspondence to P.O. Box 18698, South Lake Tahoe, CA  95706.

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