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Date: Mon, 14 Aug 2000 08:50:15 -0500
From: " - KC Homes" <>
Subject: some ? - Thanks
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I just joined the list and have been doing a lot of browsing on the Net for
cryonics related issues. I have lots of "logistics" questions, rather then
in principal and was wondering if someone on the list would be able to shed
some light on the following for me:

* how many cryo-patients are out there?
* what is the % breakdown of doctors, scientists, biologists, etc (hard core
knowledge people) vs. general population?
* why such an insignificant number of people signed up so far in your
opinion given the current development of knowledge?
* do the cryo companies publish their response time on each case?
* is there such a thing as a side-by-side comparison of operations,
procedures on an organization/by organization cases?
* what is the success rate of reaching the patient on time without
significant brain damage?
* are there any write-ups on cryonics in mass media (not including
sensational "I dismembered my Mama :-) type)? - I could not find any.
* what publications by cryo entities are out there that may shed additional
light for me on the matters - I am aware of the Immortalist, Planet

Thank you so much for your help and clarifications. Sorry, if any of these
questions have been repeated here - I'll be going through archives of the
list to find some answers and would appreciate anything from you.


IGGY Dybal

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