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Date: Thu, 17 Aug 2000 21:57:21 -0400
From: Paul Wakfer <>
Subject: INC Summary of Plans, Needs and Funding

Now that the turmoil which always seems to surround my cryonics
activities (but strangely enough not my other activities) has settled
down, and the perennial identity debate has subsided for a time :-),
here is
a summary of the current plans, needs and current funding of INC as
much as they have been determined from what has occurred on CryoNet
and in private correspondence.

However before I detail that, I wish to apologize to any CryoNet lurkers
and relative newcomers who might have been offended by some of my
language or criticisms which were directed at, and meant for the
long-time CryoNet posters and readers. If anyone wishes to know more
about the details of the basis for my complaints, criticisms and/or
praise, I ask that you write to me privately.


INC only has one clear and definite plan at the present time:

Support the Hippocampal Slice Cryopreservation Project (HSCP) until Yuri
Pichugin is able to leave the institution which is listed on his visa
and begin working full-time at the company which employs his supervisor
and the HSCP designer. At this point in time Yuri is extremely valuable
to the continuation of brain slice research, which is itself a valuable
adjunct to whole-brain cryopreservation research.

The time involved in this support is not determinable because it depends
on the US immigration and visa bureaucracy. It could be anywhere from 2
months to 6 months, or even more. 

This indeterminacy affects the financing in two ways:

1) The cost to support Yuri at his current location is $10,000 per
quarter. Before anyone here mistakenly thinks that Yuri is making a
salary of $40K yearly, I hasten to add that the employee benefit and
administration overhead at his current location is assessed at 32% of
the total support cost.

2) Yuri may run out of optimally useful work to do using the equipment
at his current location which has mainly been furnished by INC (all the
specialized equipment) before he can leave that location. If that
happens it will be highly valuable for INC to purchase additional
equipment so that he can begin the next logical phase of the HSCP. I
will ASAP attempt to determine an estimate of the cost of sufficient
additional equipment to enable Yuri to maintain his current high
productivity until the end of the 1st quarter of 2001. When I find
this out, I will add it to the information here.

Additional Potential Plans:

P1. The HSCP as described at the website http://neurocryo.org will not
likely be complete by the time Yuri can leave his current location.
However, both INC and the designer of the HSCP believe that it would be
highly valuable to complete the project as original conceived.

P2. After the end of the full HSCP design plan, it may still be useful
for INC to be able to fund additional research executed by Yuri under
the guidance of the HSCP project designer. This may be even necessary in
order to keep a valuable man (Yuri) on the job if the employer at his
new location declines to give him a permanent position on its staff.

P3. Beyond these, I have not thought of any plans for INC.

Needs (definite and potential - in order of most likelihood):

N1. Since the funding for the 3rd quarter of 2000 has already been
remitted, at the current time, INC almost certainly needs the $10K to
pay for Yuri's "keep" for the 4th quarter of 2000.

N2. INC may need additional funding to purchase additional equipment to
keep Yuri optimally productive either at his current location or that of
the HSCP designer. The amount of this will be determined ASAP.

N3. INC may need an additional $10K to fund Yuri at his current location
for the 1st quarter of 2001.

N4. Additional funds will be needed to purchase the equipment and
supplies needed to complete the HSCP. The amount of this cannot be
determined fully at this time.

N5. Additional funds may be needed for Yuri's support at his current
location (ie beyond the 1st quarter of 2000, if that is necessary) and,
potentially, at his new location. The amount of this cannot be
determined at this time.

N6. Additional funds may be needed for additional research involving
Yuri, his supervisor, and brain slices at his new location once the HSCP
is complete. No determination of amount is possible at this time.

Current Funds:

In the INC bank account: $11,609.16 (enough to finance N1 above)

Immediate cash donations on the way: $5,000

Solid pledges for when needed: $11,000 
I think the $10K portion is conditional on being needed to prevent
Yuri's loss to the project.
The $1K is a yearly pledge of indefinite duration starting as soon as

At this time there is no need for anyone to donate (unless you want a
tax deduction for 2000).
Once I determine the amount needed for plan N2 above, I may be asking
for pledges or direct donations for that funding need, but we may
already have enough for it.
It looks like we have funding need N3 already covered by a pledge.

Thank you for your attention.
If there are questions please ask.

Paul Wakfer

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