X-Message-Number: 14336
Date: Fri, 18 Aug 2000 06:31:20 EDT
Subject: From a Deathist Lurker Girl

In a message dated 8/18/2000 5:04:30 AM Eastern Daylight Time, Paul Wakfer 
<<  However before I detail that, I wish to apologize to any CryoNet lurkers
 and relative newcomers who might have been offended by some of my
 language or criticisms which were directed at, and meant for the
 long-time CryoNet posters and readers. If anyone wishes to know more
 about the details of the basis for my complaints, criticisms and/or
 praise, I ask that you write to me privately. >>

Hello, Paul

As a longtime lurker with only a tangential interest in cryonics (how I came 
to be subbed to this list is a long and weird story) I have nevertheless read 
the debates of the last few weeks with interest.

In order to bring myself more "up to speed" regarding the history of your 
differences with other major players in the cryonics field, I have also gone 
back to the cryonet archives and read some other things posted on 
cryonics-related websites.

My conclusion?  In any group of people, especially larger groups of 
intelligent people who have passionate feelings toward the common cause they 
support, separate factions are bound to develop.  I have seen this occur in 
every organization in which I have ever been involved.  There is nothing 
intrinsically bad about this.  What is bad is when the various factions turn 
valuable time and energy from the cause they mutually support and focus 
primarily on their differences, each attempting to vilify the other and show 
newcomers why they are "right" while the other side is "wrong."

Not having been around for the actual happenings, and only reading about 
things after the fact, I have to admit that you've swayed me to your way of 
thinking, Paul.  Not that I believe your way of approaching cryonics-related 
research is "righter" than theirs, but that I have been impressed by your 
calm, well-reasoned responses to some of the hysterical ad hominem that has 
been hurled at you.  I despise cheap shots and gratuitous infighting, and you 
have handled the insults flung at you with the utmost grace.

A few more comments, then back to lurk mode:

P.S. to Paul: despite the fact that "mental masturbation" won't get you any 
closer to immortality...hey, I kinda like it.  I like to see big brains play 
with themselves... call me a mental voyeur ;-)

To the person who subscribed me to this list:  If you are thinking about 
writing to me and asking how I've been, don't.  Go directly to...uhhh...shall 
we say... *cryostasis*.  Do not pass "GO."  Do not collect $200.

To Kennita:  Since I am planning to irreversibly deanimate at some point, I 
will need someone to represent me in the future.  Someone very cool (no pun 
intended ;-))  Someone cool and... female.  I nominate you to represent the 
Deathist Lurker Girls in the distant future.  I would seriously be honored if 
you would.

To Doug:  I think you're the one who always posts all the medical news and 
stuff... Thank you, thank you, thank you!!  Another big reason I like this 

To all of you:  You are very brave people.  I enjoy reading about your hopes, 
dreams, ambitions, failures, and triumphs.  I wish you all the best, and most 
of all, the attainment of life extension that you are striving for.  And, 
thanks for allowing me to hang around  :)


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