X-Message-Number: 14337
Date: Wed, 02 Aug 2000 13:53:12 +0200
From: Klaus Sames <>
Subject: Follicular cryoprotectants

Hallo to persons concerned,
I have a remark to: #14326: permeation of ovarian tissue with
cryoprotectants [Doug Skrecky].
Its not by accident that ovarian follicles resist low temperature.
Follicular fluid contains proteoglycans of high polimerization degree
and high waterbinding capacity.. Proteoglycans are known to be natural
cryoprotectants. In cryosections of cartilage tissue which is extremly
rich in proteoglycans (around cells) we found no damage as compared to
other tissues using light microscopy,. However, we have no electron
microscopic findings.
It would be interesting to study how the native cryoprotection interacts
with the cryoprotection performed by scientists.

With best regards,
Klaus Sames

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