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Date: Sun, 20 Aug 2000 04:40:33 -0700
From: Kennita Watson <>
Subject: Deathism (was: Survival and Nitpicking)
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> > Message #14336 From:  
> > Subject: From a Deathist Lurker Girl
> > ...
> > To Kennita: Since I am planning to irreversibly deanimate at
> > some point, I will need someone to represent me in the future.
> > ...
> > I nominate you to represent the Deathist Lurker Girls in the
> > distant future...
> From: "George Smith" <>
> ... every single person who was influenced
> to NOT choose cryonics in favor of waiting (regardless of the reason) died
> unnecessarily.
> ...
> I find it especially sad because people sharing Paul's stance are not
> opposed to the goals of cryonics - they only have criticisms of the means to
> achieve those goals, if i understand them correctly.

True deathists are not waiting -- for whatever reason they intend to, 
even want to, die (desire to more quickly join departed loved ones in 
an afterlife, for example).  I think they rival the skeptics and the
procrastinators in sadness.  Paul may not make the optimal salesperson
for cryonics-as-it-stands-today, but he can't take the rap for the
attitudes of such people.  They may wander onto even a list like this
one on occasion, and need to hear *why* to live as much as *how*.  I
think that's a different, and even more daunting, charter than Cryonet 
has traditionally taken on.

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