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From: "john grigg" <>
Subject: Re: A deathist girl delurks
Date: Thu, 24 Aug 2000 10:07:47 GMT

Serra wrote:
To the person who subscribed me to this list:  If you are thinking about
writing to me and asking how I've been, don't.  Go directly 
to...uhhh...shall we say... *cryostasis*.  Do not pass "GO."  Do not collect 

I cannot resist the urge to ask; were you subscribed by some lovesick guy 
who longs to have you be suspended so just maybe in the future HE will have 
a chance to get with you? lol!  Perhaps after he has had major nanotech 
upgrades to his person so he will finally be worthy of you?  I have to admit 
I have never been so desperate to try such a thing!

Be careful, this fellow decades from now may sneak medical nanites into your 
food so you will live well beyond your natural lifespan!  This will give him 
added time to try to win you over.  Some guys are just too persistant and 
don't get the message.  And with major body and psychological modification 
he just may begin to grow on you.  Than again, maybe not!

you continued:
To all of you:  You are very brave people.  I enjoy reading about your 
hopes, dreams, ambitions, failures, and triumphs.  I wish you all the best, 
and most of all, the attainment of life extension that you are striving for. 
  And, thanks for allowing me to hang around  :)

I am touched that you view us in such a noble way.  Please, share with us 
why you don't wish to greatly extend your lifespan through cryonics/life 
extension to see what the next centuries will bring.  I am very curious.

Do you have religious/spiritual reasons?  Do you feel it is nature's way to 
take part in the constant cycle of birth, growth, decline and death?  Are 
you concerned the future will be a unpleasant place to live for you and 
other people of our era?

I am glad you are here and hope over time you will reconsider.  It is 
possible that if you are young enough you might not even need cryonics.  
Within three or four decades we may have made huge strides in life extension 
technology.  But your body will have aged so much by than you might not be 
able to take advantage of it.  Repairing the damage of advanced aging may 
even be beyond the tech of that era.  So you might die just on the cusp of 
such great developments.

It is ultimately your choice.  I happen to believe there is an afterlife
but feel life presently is just way too short.  I want at least several 
centuries here before I move on.  So you may simply make it there way ahead 
of the rest of us.  At least that is my hope.

best wishes to you,

John Grigg
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