X-Message-Number: 14384
Date: Tue, 29 Aug 2000 16:45:48 -0700
From: Richard Gillmann <>
Subject: Northwest cryonics group forming

I would like to form a local cyronics group in the Pacific Northwest.  The
purpose would be to provide local support and education, as well as a way
for those interested in cryonics to meet each other.  I attended the life
extension conference in Monterey, where it was a pleasure to meet in person
other folks who are interested in this.

I am a member of Alcor, but I would also like to invite members of Cryonics
Institute and other organizations, as well as those who are not members of
any organization, but who have an interest in cryonics.  Please send me
your name and email address, as well as your thoughts on how such a group
should work.  I hope to organize a meeting in the Seattle area sometime
this fall.  Anyone within driving distance of Seattle is welcome.  Alcor
has a local northern California group, which meets several times a year,
and we might model ourselves after that group.

Richard Gillmann

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