X-Message-Number: 14500
Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2000 08:08:22 EDT
Subject: Why to be Off Topic?

First I understand that some would see more message "On Topic",
and particularly progress report in practical subjects. On the other
hand, in the hard world, things can't move at speed of light
and strictly OT messages of that kind would be very rare.
I am my self on a down to Earth project liked to the
technology of brain - organ reading, but the mere task of
getting the administrative autorizations is a full job for some
months. I don't think a weekly report on that paperwork would be
of much interest.

When we write about long range subjects, this is fun and aslo
a good way to train our capacity to see something far different
than the present day reality. Don't forget: things seems slow
when we live them day to day, but if  you use cryonics and if
it succeed, then you will be faced from one second to the next
(at least in your conscious time) with a gigantic shift in the reality.
Thinking to that today, is a way to demonstrate that you are able
to withstand the shock and adapt. That element could be important
in the decision to reanimate you or not.

In this way, OT messages may be in fact a part of the cryonics ancivity.
Don't forget, when you write here some of your readers get the message
in some hours and other may read it in a data bank one century or more
after you send it. You have to think what is OT or is not for them too!

Yvan Bozzonetti.

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