X-Message-Number: 14502
Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2000 17:18:17 EDT
Subject: Glutathione

I found this website, they are selling Glutathione in sprays, topical creams, 
tablets, and just about any form ... for treatment of anything from aging, to 
psoriasis, to radiation burns from cancer treatments, and also gum disease.

I'd be VERY curious if anyone on the list (Thomas?) can address whether any 
of their products will actually reach the bloodstream and intracellular sites 
other than topically or sublingually (and does that work for Glutathione)

Here's the URL:


Wouldn't it be nice to be able to extend human life 40% with supplemental 
antioxidants?  hmmm... let's see-  I'm 41, life expectancy 85 ish... mumble 
mumble mumble... 44  years left... +40 %... assuming a linear curve... of 
course, I'm kinda young looking for my age... does that count...  *sound of 
sliding abacus beads*  Hmmm...  of course if aging is asymtotic in nature 
then maybe I could have almost 80 more years...  mrph mumble *muttered 
curses*  and then... ah , the heck with it! 

 Comments on Glutathione cellular delivery welcome!

See you all in the Fourth Millennium!

Mike Donahue

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