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Subject: Re: So called "off topic" Cryomessages
Date: Wed, 20 Sep 2000 11:38:01 +0100

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> Again, it is not the "breadth of interests" that I object to (I too have
> a breadth of interest far beyond cryonics), but the discussion of such
> interests on a list which is categorized for cryonics.

That is the nub of the matter really.  The actual usage of this list is as a
venue for people who are categorised as being  signed up for or interested
in cryonics to exchange views on virtually anything. Many of these people
may not want to discuss things with people who are not signed up for
cryonics or people who are not even interested in cryonics.

If it were limited (eg by moderation) to include only matters of cryogenics
or cryobiology as relate to cryonics there would indeed be very few posts. I
expect, however, that there are many privately run email lists with half a
dozen or so people on them that are run just for the purpose of discussing
scientific, research, technical or organisational matters. People who are on
these lists are there by invitation, and the public in general do not even
know about them. Maybe even the signed up members of the institutions
involved don't even know about them. Certainly the many people who are
subscribed to Cryonet but are not signed up with anyone will not know about

However people have to start somewhere. In the days when I started an
interest in cryonics the only way things could be discussed was by snail
mail with the various organisations, and it soon became apparent that many
of the people running them did not have time to answer endless complicated
letters with any speed or enthusiasm. Indeed, in "The Age of the Pussyfoot"
Frederick Pohl wove this into the text (whether intentionally or not I have
no idea) where his main character got into trouble for failing to answer
mail. Today, with the Internet there is no problem - people can discuss
cryonics with each other on sci.cryonics and Cryonet and only consume time
from staff at organisations when they have got over all their problems over
things like overpopulation, where does your soul go, financial issues, their
"brilliant" "new" ideas about how to market cryonics and so on.

It is a good mental exercise for the older hands to answer these questions
when they are posted by "newbies" - when they have the time and inclination.
With an active mailing list, there will be at least one or two willing to
chime in when needed. FAQs, on the web or ptined are great, but sometimes
people do need a live discussion and may not have found the particular topic
in the FAQ. And who knows, maybe a new person can see a new angle on a
rejected old idea that can really turn it into something productive.

Sincerely, John de Rivaz
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