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Date: Thu, 21 Sep 2000 10:00:58 -0400
From: Paul Wakfer <>
Subject: A Community of Cryonicists?
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Both de Rivaz and Smith (and others before them more or else) have
stated that cryonicists are a "special" community who may have some
unique or different viewpoint on practically any and every subject, and
that therefore they wish to continue to hear and give those special

The idea of finding a "home" for oneself and one's worldview is a
psychologically attractive idea which many people have from an early
age. It is especially strong in those who are "different" and feel
alienated from much of humankind. I myself used to feel this way and
have in the past sought to find "community" among various groups each of
which I initially assumed would be "my kind of people". However, after
finding in each case that the professed common goal was not sufficient
to sift the devotees to that goal into being anything less than a small
representative sample of the broad spectrum of mankind, I finally
realized that any such single purpose, no matter how apparently
fundamental would not be sufficient to eliminate those who were not "my
kind of people".

My years of experience in cryonics once again proved to me that there
similarly is no community of like-thinking, like-valuing, like-caring
people (nor for that matter among life-extensionists in general). Thus,
I have no more interest in the views of cryonicists on matters not
directly relating to cryonics than I do in the views of any other
specialty group. OTOH, I have *more* interest in the views of a group
(those subscribed to the specialty list) who appear to have a special
interest in that particular subject matter.

That being the case, if those who believe that there is a true community
among cryonicists and wish to hear their views on all and sundry matters
are going to continue to flood this list with non-cryonics related
material (about which I would rather read in a specialty list or not at
all), then in order to optimize my use of time, I must perforce
unsubscribe to this list which has become an inward looking club rather
than the specialty list which its name implies.

-- Paul --

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