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Date: Thu, 21 Sep 2000 15:04:49 PST
Subject: Re: You can take it with you
From: Edgar W Swank <>

Dave Pizer asked in Cryomsg 14308:

  >Subject: You can take it with you ...
  >From: Edgar W Swank <>

  >You can "give" your sack of money to the American Cryonics
  >Society. You can either set up your own trust, or we will
  >establish a fund in your name.


  This sounds great.

  I was not aware there was any organization that had a trust
  that they used in the United States.  Would you consider
  sharing the wording on the trusts you use with those of us on
  this forum?  Perhaps you can post copies of the trusts you have
  used.  You can leave names and exact amounts off, of course.
  There are a lot of people who would be interested in this.

The "fund" we establish is not a trust, but just an accounting of
funds legally belonging to ACS. But unlike most other
organizations, we pledge to use the fund allocated to a specific
donor only for purposes to benefit that donor, unless given
permission to divirt some portion, typically to research.

We also allow donors to make up their own trusts, which some
have, with the help of an attorney.

There is also the possibility that the donor will direct ACS to
draw up a trust upon his legal death. This allows a trust to be
drawn using the latest available legal strategies.

We have some trust forms drawn up some years ago by one of our
Attorneys, but we charge for those.

For small amounts, under say $100,000 (after suspension costs),
the fund is the way to go. No setup costs, no overhead.

For larger amounts, you can get more legal protection with a
trust, but setup costs and maintenance overhead are considerable.

Edgar W. Swank   <>
President - American Cryonics Society

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