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Subject: retaining assets after reanimation? - Thanks
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I am interested to know more about legalities of retaining assets (stocks,
other financial vehicles) as an individual after reanimation. Can anyone
direct me into any resources (besides talking to my friendly attorney :-)
that cite any precedents of such arrangements made? When I am "back" into
this world can I *legally* take possession of my finances that were left
outside of any trust created to keep me suspended and were compounding
independently of me and any interfering? I am not sure if this type of setup
is available in the US, but I heard Switzerland makes no distinction between
*living* trust and *suspended* trust? Is that accurate? Any Web/ print
references to this?

Surprisingly, as a real estate professional, I am more interested in keeping
invested into stocks *upon* my death than in real estate. Though real estate
tends to appreciate fairly well over time, at *that* particular juncture of
my life, I'd rather have buffer of high growth stocks that will be managed
for the benefit of accruing a serious sum in the future. I'll have all the
time I need for this :-) over long haul.

But again, if the world peace and basically "communistic ideas" of equality
and everyone "give to your abilities and get to your needs" materialize, I
will not need it :-) Boy, I still hope this sometime will take place - may
be the upbringing I had in Russia growing up has some say here :-)


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