X-Message-Number: 14528
Date: Sat, 23 Sep 2000 09:18:27 -0700 (PDT)
From: Scott Badger <>
Subject: RE: #14514: A Community of Cryonicists?

Doug Baldwin <> wrote:

> RE:  #14514: A Community of Cryonicists? [Paul
> Wakfer] <>
> >all), then in order to optimize my use of time, I
> must perforce
> >unsubscribe to this list which has become an inward
> looking club rather
> >than the specialty list which its name implies.
> >
> >-- Paul --

I strongly disagree with Doug's sentiment. Paul is a
valuable member of this list in my opinion and I
certainly hope that he changes his mind about
unsubscribing because frankly, off-topic posts will
undoubtedly continue to appear on this list.  

I can't speak to the original rules/intentions
regarding the quality/content of the Cryonet postings.
But I disagree with Paul that any posts not directly
related to cryonics should be sent to another list
somewhere. I'm sorry that Paul doesn't feel a sense of
community here. I do. There is much I would do for
many members here if asked and I hope the reverse is
true. I enjoy hearing 'cryonicists' views on life
extension, the future that waits for us, the nature of
identity, etc. ... I could go to those other lists and
read others' viewpoints but I particularly appreciate
the cryonicists' viewpoint.

Paul, this seems a pretty trivial reason to leave us.
Can't you simply scroll down to those messages with
on-topic subject titles? Do we have to place an "OT"
(off-topic) in front of anything not directly related?
I would do that if it really upsets you so much.

vita perpetuem,

Scott Badger

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