X-Message-Number: 14532
Date: Sun, 24 Sep 2000 08:42:54 -0700
From: Mike Perry <>
Subject: On topic vs.off

"The cryonics mailing list (CryoNet) is a forum for topics related to
cryonics, which include technical reports of cryonic suspensions, low
temperature biology, biochemistry of memory, legal status of cryonics and
cryopreserved people, new research and publications, conferences, mass media
coverage of cryonics, local cryonics group meetings, and even philosophy of
identity." (Quoted from Paul Wakfer's posting #14456, quoted in turn (he
thinks) from Kevin Q. Brown, moderator of CryoNet.) Given that "philosophy
of identity" is specifically mentioned as "on-topic," this would seem to
remove much of the basis of objections about "off-topic" material being
posted here. I suppose one could still complain that more general life
extension subjects should be considered verboten, but surely these too have
a bearing on cryonics--we don't want to be frozen if we don't have to be.
Many of us, self included, like the idea of one forum where a broad range of
related topics are discussed rather than having these segregated into
specialty lists. I find it hard to keep up with and participate in very many
of these lists anyway--I only have so much time to spare. And I think the
remark by George Smith the other day about other lists being dominated by
deathists is relevant. We are the real non-deathists, and that is really
what this list is about, not some particular strategy for defeating death.
It's just that a serious immortalist must recognize the overriding
importance, given the times we live in, of this one particular approach.

Mike Perry

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