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Date: Sun, 24 Sep 2000 10:44:03 -0500
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Subject: The purpose of the Cryonet list - some parallels drawn
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I would like to voice my opinion about the purpose and content of CryoNet
and offer a possible solution to the diversity of issues discussed on it
through drawing a comparison with a couple of other *very*active* e-mail
groups I am on.

So far, I've been a happy recipient of the list for about 2 months now and
have learnt quite a bit from the posts. As a layman in the field :-), but an
enthusiastic one I am seeing three well defined groups of posts on the
list - cryo related in the strictest term of the word, semi-cryo (different
publications cited, medications, chemicals discussed) but still related, and
philosophical and financial issues discussed. I welcome them all and just
scroll down though the ones that are beyond my comprehension (e.g. detailed
discussion of effectiveness of chemicals on the life span of some
subtropical worms :-) I am more of a "how to, show-me, what if, will this
work, hands on" guy than anything else and go primarily by real life
examples I can draw on. I have no problem with other people's views on this
list and so far, I have to give a credit to all the posters that I have not
been disappointed as an enthusiastic layman :-) with the broadband views
expressed on the list.

I subscribe to 2 very active real estate lists (over 4,000 real estate
professionals in US, Canada, other countries) and they *on*average* post
80-200 *individual* messages a *day* combined between two of them. Speaking
of diversity! Issues discussed are: legal agency affiliations, working with
home buyers/ sellers, Web presence, marketing listings, staying in the black
and making a profit, computers, advertising, promotion of home listings,
etc. Because, one cannot squeeze one broad topic (real estate and cryonics,
for that matter) into one neat pipeline, in my opinion, all these diverse
topics are needed and welcome. The real estate e-mail groups I am on have an
option of *individual* messages, rather than a digest (though it's also
offered). I have discovered that this maybe a fabulous solutions to the dive
rsity of issues discussed - I am not big on discussion of buyer/seller
agency, loyalty, fiduciary obligations, legal cases, etc. for instance, and
whenever I see an e-mail with this subject line - I just delete it from the
main screen of Outlook or glance through it in the preview window of my
e-mail program. This allows me to skim through all my e-mail in about 2
minutes instead of 15 when I used to receive a digest and then I can spend
more time reading what's of interest to me.

Maybe sending *individual* e-mails of CryoNet posters
*rather*than*daily*digest* can solve the problem - then you can easily
scroll down and delete the ones you are not interested in?

But most importantly, this "clikc'delete'n'go" approach requires acceptance
of other people's views, tolerance, mutual respect and understanding of
where they are coming from and what they mean - surely, noone would
intentionally spam the list with unrelated topics. At least, I have not
gotten this perception from having been on the list for 2 months now and
have been very happy to read whatever comes my way on this topic. Whatever
they post *is* important to these people and since they chose to be part of
this e-mail community, a democratic approach to minorities expressing their
views should be respected and observed. What about "the majority rule?" -
well hopefully, we'll hear from it as well on the list :-)

Also, we should not forget that the ultimate *goal* of cryonics is to help
people live a better, more fulfilling life after death. What is the other
alternative? Not a good one, in my opinion :-) The ultimate end user of
cryonics is the consumer - the person who will undergo the procedure
him/herself - and it's up to them to decide how to go about it. I feel that
the diversity will just help in this.

Thanks for reading through these rumblings :-)


IGGY Dybal

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