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From: "George Smith" <>
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Subject: Ruling on Cyonet Written Purpose
Date: Sun, 24 Sep 2000 20:12:40 -0700

Recently I received an email from Harry Browne, the Libertarian Party
candidate for President, in which he explained that any Supreme Court
Justice should be required to be able to read and understand plain English
(as the US Consitution happens to be written in plain English).

That seemed to make sense.

Then recently one Cryonet post included the written purpose of the Cryonet
and implied that it was not being followed.

So, not wanting to miss my chance to prove to Harry that I could be a
Supreme Court Justice, I read it.

It said:

"The cryonics mailing list (CryoNet) is a forum for topics related to
cryonics, which include technical reports of cryonic suspensions, low
temperature biology, biochemistry of memory, legal status of cryonics and
cryopreserved people, new research and publications, conferences, mass media
coverage of cryonics, local cryonics group meetings, and even philosophy of

I was especially taken by the words "WHICH INCLUDE".

Those words usually mean that the following mentioned topics are SOME of but
not ALL of what IS included.

So as the soon to be new Justice of the Supreme Court (appointed by
President Browne) I would have to say that this definition was obviously
meant to be INCLUSIVE of topics related to cryonics and not meant to enforce
a rigid boundary restricted to only scientific reports.

After all, I even saw mentioned in that list "PHILOSOPHY OF IDENTITY".

Philosophy is pretty far afield from hard scientific data as I understand
it.  (How do I know that?  Epistemology, i suppose).

Well sure looks as though the plain English written intent of the Cryonet is

And even includes room for "philosophy of identity"!

So it is my decision as a new future supreme Court Justice that the
Cryonet's stated and written purpose is best met by maintaining the
INCLUSIVE attitude of embracing cryonics related topics.  Speculation
regarding the future which cryonics leads us toward, discussion of financial
issues related to "taking it with you", and "even philosphy of identity" are
clearly within the stated purvue of this forum and are therefor appropriate
and to be encouraged.

This ruling handed down on this 24th Day of September, 2000.

Hon. George Smith,

And if you do not agree with me I will take my ball, go home, unsubscribe
from the Cryonet and pout.  (But I will make sure that my family and friends
who are signed up for cryonics monitor this forum to make sure no one tries
to pull a fast one thinking I'm not watching you!).

My apologies for the above humor and the mllions of uptight researchers I
have fatally offended.  (Still not sighed up for cryonics, huh?).

It's probably off topic somehow.

George Smith
Bandwidth Pirate and soon to be Supreme Court Justice
YHHAABOR (Yo ho ho and a bottle ... etc.).

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