X-Message-Number: 14549
Date: Tue, 26 Sep 2000 09:12:50 -0700 (PDT)
From: Doug Skrecky <>
Subject: heavy water may aid cryopreservation

  Deuterium oxide-based University of
  Wisconsin solution improves viability of hypothermically stored vascular
  Transplantation.  65(5):735-7, 1998 Mar 15.
  BACKGROUND: Preservation of vascular function largely determines the outcome
  of transplantation. We have investigated replacing the water (H2O) in
  University of Wisconsin (UW) solution with deuterium
  oxide (D2O) in an attempt to improve vascular function after
  hypothermic storage. METHODS: Rat aortic segments were stored in UW solutions
  based on 100% H2O, 25% D2O, 50% D2O, and 100% D2O at 4 degrees C for 24, 48,
  or 72 hr. Vascular function was measured via contraction and
  endothelium-dependent relaxation after stimulation with phenylephrine and
  acetylcholine. RESULTS: UW solution with 25% D2O gave a significant (P<0.05)
  improvement of contraction and relaxation in comparison with H2O-based UW
  solution and other concentrations of D2O. CONCLUSIONS: Low concentrations
  (25%) of D2O-UW solution are significantly superior to the H2O-based (i.e.,
  commonly used) equivalent at up to 72 hr. These results suggest that low
  concentrations of D2O-UW solution can improve the quality of hypothermic

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