X-Message-Number: 14550
Date: Tue, 26 Sep 2000 11:32:38 -0700
From: Jeff Davis <>
Subject: Just checking in

Dear Cryonetistas, 

First off, I'm still here, just meditating quietly.

I see some new names making an appearance, so I want to welcome Dani
Kollin, Iggy Dygbal, and Marta Sandberg to the list.  Marta may or may not
be a newcomer, I just don't remember seeing her name before, but welcome
just the same.

I wouldn't want to offend anyone or jump to any conclusions, but judging
from their posts Dani, Iggy, and Marta seem to be pleasant, thoughtful
people.  When new people appear from beyond the veil of Maya, I'm always
wonder how they came to discover cryonics, and why, unlike so many others,
they stopped to think about it long enough to become engaged.  Also, I
confess, I just like to hear people's stories.  So what's a nice girl/guy
like you doing in a place like this?

Also, it makes me wonder, how many others are out there, unseen, listening
quietly?  Don't be shy folks.  It would be both useful and pleasant to find
out who you are, and what you think.


Regarding Paul Wakfer.  I noticed that he mentioned several times recently
that he has found a significant other to share his life with.  This is a
good thing, and I wish he and Kitty as much happiness as they can endure,
and if it makes Paul a little less cranky (but undoubtedly no less
passionate about cryonics) then I guess we'll all just have to bear up.
Having someone to love,...that is a cryonics-relevant topic, isnt it?  :-)

And,...the ever irreverend George Smith writeth:

>My apologies for the above humor and the mllions of uptight researchers I
>have fatally offended.  (Still not sighed up for cryonics, huh?).
>It's probably off topic somehow.
>George Smith
>Bandwidth Pirate and soon to be Supreme Court Justice
>YHHAABOR (Yo ho ho and a bottle ... etc.).

Go get 'em George!

			Best, Jeff Davis

	   "Everything's hard till you know how to do it."
					Ray Charles				

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