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Subject: why interest in cryonics?
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Jeff Davis 
>I wouldn't want to offend anyone or jump to any conclusions, but judging
>from their posts Dani, Iggy, and Marta seem to be pleasant, thoughtful
>people.  When new people appear from beyond the veil of Maya, I'm always
>wonder how they came to discover cryonics, and why, unlike so many others,
>they stopped to think about it long enough to become engaged.  Also, I
>confess, I just like to hear people's stories.  So what's a nice girl/guy
>like you doing in a place like this?


I am not engaged with any cryonics organization at this point. I have been
intrigued by the idea for quite a short period of time (about 2 years now)
and am studying the issue from a multitude of angles. I guess, it all takes
time, progressing towards an idea and really confronting yourself sometimes.
At the end, this is more important then buying a car or a house - I sell
residential real estate in Kansas City area :-)

Being a very logical, technological and scientific oriented person, I was
born and raised in Russia as a military brat. My upbringing never
encompassed religion, but rather was under somewhat a "communistic
materialism" as I would put it. There is not too much communism left in me
(maybe some idealistic thoughts) and probably never had been (as I was
kicked out of Komsomol - Soviet Young Communist  League for not paying my
dues at the University - taking my then girlfriend, now my wife, for a milk
shake or sundae was more appealing to me :-), but the idea of a physical
world that is so awesome and explainable stuck with me. I have to give a
credit to the Soviet system of education that was great as far as installing
a solid strive for knowledge in me. I was 15 when I graduated highschool and
21 when I got my Masters in German and English from a Minsk Linguistic
University. I am now very intrigued by rather a widespread American beliefs
in God and living in Kansas ( :-), treatment of evolution in schools.
Science seems not to be at the forefront of the society in this country and
sometimes I am amazed that this society progressed so well with these ideas,
but again there's gotta be a belief in something, right?

This said, I got more interested in the idea of cryonics when my then 4 year
old son asked me "What happens after you die?" and I could not give him a
reasonable explanation besides "That's probably it." He was down for some
time after that, but then I asked him about a "second chance" of life and he
seemed to be very happy about it. That was a beginning of looking for a
reasonable solution which eventually led to cryonics. I literally, spent
hours and hours devouring all the information on the Net that I could find
and the more I read the more I liked the idea.

My wife of 11 years was somewhat skeptical about the idea, but later as we
got some more insights she began to take a liking to it. Now my 6 year old
son and almost 8 year old daughter ask questions about the procedure and are
rather comfortable about it. We get a kick out of them talking to other kids
in the class who bring up religion and Anton and Christina tell them about
cryonics - other kids eyes almost pop out when this happens. I don't know
what kind of conversation are these kids having with their parents after
school, but so far noone confronted us about "muddying up the water" :-)
neither at school nor the parents. And if they do, it's going to be a very
interesting conversation for sure.

Why interest? After all, what else is out there? The idea of cryonics, in my
opinion, is so refreshing (besides being refreshingly cool :-) and so
logical, that I fail to see why many more people don't give it a
consideration. It is so sad to have blinds on! Even if there were a higher
power, I doubt that God would like you to go to waste (literally) for the
sake of serving him for the eternity! Not fair, not logical - there is so
much out there that can be accomplished for the betterment of your family
and others.

These philosophical insights are always on my mind, thus the interest. Of
course, I realize that this is such a different look at life, Universe and
the rest of the people surrounding us that many people are just afraid to
confront it. Sooner or later (I'd prefer later :-) we will all face it - who
is going to be prepared better? I don't know. I guess I have 50/50 chance of
succeeding, same way as any other deeply religious person.

I realize that there is a rather vague treatment of cryonics by religion and
maybe I am wrong opposing these two issues here, but this is the way I see

So far, I like the odds. Beats the heck out of "Powerball." :-)

And by the way, evolution is a beautiful, simple, yet complex, and wonderful
thing, Superintendent of Shawnee Mission school district and Kansas
Legislature! :-)

Cheers and look forward to reading CryoNet every morning as always!


IGGY Dybal

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