X-Message-Number: 14556
Date: Wed, 27 Sep 2000 11:24:28 EDT
Subject: Re: SETI off topic? Maybe not

SETI discussion may have more direct relevance than indicated by posts I have 
read so far.  Considerable thought over the last few years and a passing 
knowledge of current SETI activity leads me to this conclusion. I believe 
that the very first messages we receive after contact may well tell us  how 
to suspend human animation in such a way that reanimation without damage or 
loss is certain.   The main reason: it buys us time so that a subsequent 
stream of enlightening life-saving messages can be absorbed and implemented 
by us in an orderly manner.  If I am correct in this conjecture, 'contact' 
would immediately elevate public interest in cryonics and at the same time 
give us the know how as well as the credibility we have so long sought.  In 
brief, my theory rests on these assumptions: [1] life is a reasonably common 
occurrence throughout the universe; [2] life inevitably evolves toward 
human-like intelligence on its way to something much more amazing; [3] there 
already exists a universe-wide interconnected intelligent culture containing 
millions of worlds which are more advanced than we are right now; [4] more 
advanced human cultures have a highly developed sense of caring for a 
collective universal humanity which, fortunately for us, includes us;  [5] 
this collective sense of caring has led to the establishment of powerful 
light house beacons located at various point throughout our galaxy; the 
purpose of these beacons is to bring new cultures into the collective through 
the dissemination of their advanced knowledge in a carefully shaped sequence 
of messages; and [6] within the last decade we may have reached a level of 
sophistication in our electromagnetic wave receiving capacity to passively 
locate and connect to such a beacon.
Implications for cryonicists: [1] we should do whatever we can to encourage, 
support, and promote SETI.  [2] We should make SETI advocates more aware of 
the relevance of cryonics to their enterprise. [3] We should make SETI 
advocates who have thought through the aftermath of "contact" [as many have 
not] the desirability of suspended animation by current methods so that they 
can be around later to appreciate the benefits of contact, assuming that it 
does not occur in their own lifetimes. 
I have strong reasons for giving credence to such a scenario, but a full 
exposition would be too long to be contained in this post. However, I can 
e-mail a draft of my paper to anyone interested.  

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