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Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2000 17:23:18 +0100
From: "Joseph Kehoe" <>
Subject: the singularity

An interesting article with replies from some luminaries...

VR pioneer Jaron Lanier has written "Half a Manifesto" -- a long and considered 
rant taking on notions favored by Extropians, Singularity fans and others -- on 
the exclusive salon for long-hairs, 'Edge.' Lanier believes that the totalists 
are not only promulgating an irresponsible and inhuman ideology, but indulging 
in bad science. The site also features fascinating and spirited reactions by a 
slew of luminaries, including George and Freeman Dyson, Bruce Sterling, Lee 
Smolin, Rodney Brooks and Kevin Kelly. Good stuff, no matter where you stand on 
this issue." Oh c'mon -- no one around here would fetishize technology per se, 
would they?


Courtesy of http://www.Slashdot.org

p.s.  Would people prefer if I did not post these. I have presumed that they are
of interest to the people on this group.  I read the talk about off-topic 
issues and if these items are inappropriate I will stop.

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