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From: "George Smith" <>
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Subject: Re: Survival tip
Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2000 13:58:36 -0700

In Cryonet posting #14558: "Survival obsession = irrational risk
assessments", Mark Plus mentioned how most people are concerned with
unlikely dangers (wilderness survival or lifeboat survival, for example)
rather than the far more common threats to life such as disease.

For those of you interested in survivng violent crime which is a very common
threat to survival which IS real (muggings, car jackings, rapes, etc.), I
would like to personally recommend the following resource:


These people offer a video and a book both of which I have recently reviewed
and can vouch for as highly effective and quick to learn.

Best of all, these simple procedures can be learned without being physically
fit.  The book covers the same information as the video, but is designed
more for the accomplished martial artist.  The video covers close combat
moves which are primarily instinctual and therefore very easy to learn.
It's the best I have seen in over thirty years.

If I sound over enthusiastic, I apologize.  I do not personally know the
authors but having taught street self defense for many years can state that
this approach is a short cut to truth.... and survival.

The popular myth is that learning self defense requires years of work and
excellent athletic prowess.  The opposite is true.  In fact there is a lot
of garbage out there purportedly being taught as self defense which will get
you killed in a serious street situation.  All the Hollywood nonsense has
only made things more, not less, confusing.  This video is an eye opener and
a valuable resource.

So if you wish to quickly learn effective self defense against street
violence and help ward off another meaningful threat to your survival,
please consider ordering and viewing the videotape "Attackproof".

Best wishes and a long life,

George Smith

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